Kickstarter is Live!

The kickstarter for Spellbound Kingdoms: Arcana is live!

We have already met our goal and are working on the stretch goals. Please support the book!

Here are the new fighting styles included in the book:

Shield and Star

Rat Shank


City Sword


Bleeding Seradynn


Conjure Knight

Second Serpent

Kingsmen (group)

Cutters (group)

Doomholds (group)

Price Increase Coming Soon for Core Rulebook

If you've been thinking of picking up the SK RPG core rulebook, you might want to do it soon.

The core rulebook is increasing its price to $19.99 later this month. The price hasn't increased since its debut, when .pdf game books were relatively new and Kickstarter wasn't a big thing. And speaking of Kickstarter, the game is about to nearly double in size with the release of the Spellbound Kingdoms: Arcana book. Pick up your copy of SK to make sure that you're ready!

News for Spellbound Kingdoms: Arcana

Kickstarter Is Nigh!

The kickstarter for the new book will be up very soon! In the meantime, feast on these tantalizing morsels from Book Two.

Two words: Poet. Bard. That's right, a new class: a swashbuckling, witty rake who lives for tragedy, comedy, beauty, and above all, love. What could be more Spellbound Kingdoms than that?

There are also 9 new sub-classes, virtually entirely new classes themselves, one for each of the main classes. The Trader gets the Spell Smuggler sub-class. Rogues get the Pirate; Fixers get the Angel; Engineers get the Zeppelin Deck King. Like Fixers, Chosen Ones get something that was mentioned as a legend in the first book (see if you can find it!).

Talents? You want talents? You've got 'em. Over fifty of them!

For combat, Book Two has over ten new styles. Fighting styles include Shield and Star, Deluge, City Sword, and Axemen. Group styles aren't just for mobs anymore; there are trained squad styles for city watchmen and kingsmen. New monster styles include Multi-arm and Leaper. Always choose Leaper if you want the players at the table to start yelling "Duck!"

Three more schools of magic cast their shadow over the Claw in Book Two. Masquerade is the only one that the Fourth Estate often sees - but when they do, they almost certainly don't know it.

For the GM: A chase generator, over 20 new monsters and NPCs, two new tables of environment tricks, new special social attacks, new improv games, GMing advice, more information about Rithaign, the High Church, and the war in East Fire.

So that's it, and I can't wait to -

What's that?

Something about... peglegs? Raptor hordes? Shadow wars and turning the entire culture of a kingdom against my enemy until he is shunned at every door and shudders cold in a ball on the street at night, trying to sleep when even the rain mocks his tears?

Don't worry, my friends. Don't worry. We have all that and more. Nothing that you loved from SK is neglected. It's coming!

New Spellbound Kingdoms Book Announced:

Best Tabletop RPG On The Planet Is About To Get Better

Oh yes! You heard that right!

Spellbound Kingdoms is getting an expansion. And not just any expansion. This is a true second sourcebook. You won't be able to crack a page without a Prince of Wolves jumping out at you.

The stars have finally aligned. I've spent the summer of '16 putting together a book that will wow you every bit as much as the original did. Now I'm having my Darth Maul "At last, we will reveal ourselves" moment, and I'm loving it! I'm dying to show you what's in the new book, and I'll be doing exactly that over the coming month. A Kickstarter will be up soon - watch this space!

Nominated for an Ennie!

The Ennie Awards nominations for 2012 have been announced, and I am very proud to say that Spellbound Kingdoms has been nominated for Best Rules. Congrats to all of the other nominees, thanks to the judges, and most of all, thank you to the fans for supporting the game.

Where Do I Buy the Game?

You can use the link to the right, or click here.

Website Note

A lot of the links and previews up top are old. I will be getting to them and updating them as we progress toward the new book. In particular, I plan to update the FAQ with a series of rules and game design questions and answers. If you'd like to see something else in particular, please email me (frank at this domain).


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Combat Primer (slightly older version)

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